Clean Drinking Water

Lack of Clean Water

The Karukkaitivu Mahavidyalayam school is deprived of a clean water source. This is due to the amount of saltwater concentrated in the ground surrounding the school. As a result, the school cannot extract water that doesn’t contain high levels of salt. The teachers and staff struggle to find a consistent, and clean water source to supply the thirsty students.

Our Story

To help the Karukkaitivu Mahavidyalayam school overcome this serious issue, Peer 2 Peer is paying 5,000 rupees each month for the next years to a local water supply company to come and refill the school’s water tank. The company is located in Jaffna and is delivering water to the school twice a week. After considering other options this system is currently the safest and most cost-effective way to deliver water to the school. This newly integrated water system will allow the students to better function under the harsh temperature and also provide the staff and parents with peace of mind that their students are drinking safe water. Peer 2 Peer aims to raise more money to continue to support this project and projects alike for years to come.