Milk and Supplies for Students at Sivapuram Primary School

P2P had identified the Sivapuram Primary School in January of 2023 as a school that was in need of support. Last year P2P had funded a years supply of daily milk for all the students at the school. This milk project helped to boost the students energy as well as motivate for them to attend and work hard in class.

As a result of the positive feedback from the teaching staff, P2P continued the milk project for the year of 2024 as well. A few members of the P2P team visited this school in May of 2024 to check on the schools wellbeing as well as gift all the students some school supply goodies. Each student received a kit with pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners and rulers. The students faces lit up as they received these supplies. We hope these fresh supplies keeps the students excited when participating in their studies. The teaching staff also received some stationary goods such as staplers. The principal of the school also informed us that the school has significantly boosted their 5th grade passing rates over the past year as a result of various support the school has received. By providing support, P2P aims to help the school and students keep up the great progress they have made in fostering a positive and encouraging learning environment.