Puthukkudiyirppu School Water Purification System

The Problem:
Clean well water wasn’t an issue before the 2009 war. When residents returned to this area around 2011 to 2012, they found that the well water was tinged with a yellowish hue.

Project Overview:
P2P recently donated a water purification system to a school in Puthukkudiyirppu. The yellowish water found in nearby wells go through the provided water purification system, making it drinkable. We have validated the need and urgency of schools lacking clean water by discussing with Mr. Anbumani, visiting the schools and meeting with the respective principals. Two of these schools are currently getting water delivered to them. P2P is providing monthly payment to support additional water supply for 12 months. The principal of the school with the water purification system has confirmed how well it is working and how much the students love and enjoy the clean drinking water!