A Helping Hand for Blind Students in Mullaitivu

During our visits to schools in Mullaitivu area, we came across a school that housed children who are visually impaired or with some other physical disability. This is the only school in the Mullaitivu School District that had some facilities to support such students. Since many of the students are spread across the district and has no transportation or facilities at home, these students are housed at the school.

Due to extreme school budget constraints, these students don’t have even the basic supplies such as braille typewriters and braille papers. Through our discussions with the school principal, Peer 2 Peer Foundation offered to provide the necessary supplies such as the braille typewriters, braille papers, hand and muscle exercise tools. We hope to continue our visits to this and other schools in the area and provide as much support possible to aid these visually impaired students.

The below videos and photos were taken during the donation at the school and hosted by the principal, students and by our local coordinator Mr. Anbumani.