Notebooks for Students at Katpakapuram Elementary School

P2P is dedicated to providing continuous support for underprivileged schools in Sri Lanka. Recognizing that many rural schools were facing a loss of government funding due to recent economic difficulties, P2P took action. In January 2023, P2P collaborated with the school principal and Mr. Suwarnarajah, P2P’s local coordinator, to identify Katpakapuram Elementary School, which is 15 miles outside of Vavuniya, as a school in need of assistance.

The primary requirement for the students was school supplies. Understanding this, P2P decided to donate notebooks to all 140 students from grades 1-5 as the most effective way to help. Witnessing the students’ excitement upon receiving their brand-new notebooks was truly heartwarming. We believe that these contributions will foster their enthusiasm for learning and support their educational needs.