Providing Clean Drinking Water to MU/Thevipram GTM School

For most of us water is never a problem. We are able to have access to water anywhere we go. For schools in the impoverished areas in Sri Lanka this is not the case. They don’t have access to clean drinking and many of the schools in Mullaitivu school district found themselves with this problem. Their wells, which was their only source of drinking water, was contaminated by an unknown source which polluted the water turning it yellow. Previous to the civil war they had functioning wells filled which provided them access to clean drinking water, however after their return in 2011 and 2012, their once clean and drinkable water had taken on a yellowish tinge.

Through our local coordinator, Mr. Anbimani, MU/Thevipram GTM School approached P2P to help with drinking water. Our original plan was to have a water supply company to deliver water to this school. However, the school’s remote location made it harder to deliver on a regular basis, making it expensive and impractical. Rather than having water delivered daily, we decided to put in a water purification system to purify the water in the well.

Our team in Sri Lanka led by Nico Mahinthan purchased the necessary water purification system and had it installed at the school. On June 8, 2019, IAS Director for Mullaitivu School District as the chief Guest, P2P co-founder Nathan Jayanthan attended the water purification donation opening ceremony. The filtration system was great for students and turned the yellowish, salty, and polluted water in the clear liquid that we drink every day.

P2P also arranged clean drinking water for schools in Mullaitivu district where we could deliver on a regular basis. Currently supported schools are:

  1. MU/Valipunam M V (954 Students)
  2. MU/Mathalan R C G T M School (59 Students)

The below pictures and videos are from the opening Ceremony.